Gemini aka Gemstones – The testimony of Gemstones (Mixtape)

23 06 2008

Gemstones – The Testimony of Gemstones


Young Jeezy – The Prime Minister

14 06 2008

Young Jeezy – The Prime Minister (Mixtape)

I guess he’s fuckin with Canada now.

Nas + DJ Green Lantern – The Nigger Tape

9 06 2008

New Mixtape with cut up tracks via the new music cartel

Nas + DJ Green Lantern – The Nigger Tape

Paper Route Gangstaz

3 06 2008


If you haven’t heard of this genius concept: Diplo makes the dopest beats and gets the most hardcore gangstaz to rap over it. Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas coming out soon. For now, just drool over these songs.

PRG’z – Bama Gettin Money

PRG’z – Wood Grai

PRG’z – Mixtape Sampler