Entourage Tracks

5 10 2008

In lieu of the new entourage show on tonight i figured id post my fav tracks from past episodes. any entourage fans out there?

Entourage Tracks

Download: Citezen Cope – Let the drummer kick

Download: Mayday! feat. Cee-Lo – Groundhog day

Download: Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better


The Game – Promised Land

8 06 2008

This song is from one of the games first albums before he met up with dr. dre. Its crazy good, probably his best. I’d take a listen if I were you.

The Game – Promised Land

The Best of the Hood

5 06 2008

Keeping with the trend of posting all the best music I have found in the past year, this blog wouldn’t be complete without the best of the hood internet. I give to you six of their best, in a zip file. The hood internet are all mashups and these songs are all dope.

Hood Internet – The top 6

Gemini a.k.a. Gemstones

4 06 2008


Gemini aka Gemstones is the prodigy of Lupe Fiasco. Gemini appears in Lu’s The Cool and kills it. Oh. and he’s a great singer too. He provides the lyrics in Free Chilly the second song on the album and some others. Still not convinced of his skill? Listen to how he jumps on Rick Ross’ I’m Hustling.

Gemini – Everyday I’m Hustlin

Still not convinced?

Gemini – Nothing Like It

If you like what you hear, here is his mixtape:

Gemini – Untamed Beast

Ratatat Remixes – Vol. 2

3 06 2008

Ratatat Remixes- Vol. 2

This is pretty old but since I’m just starting to post I figured I would start by posting all of the best music I found this past year.

Ratatat – Remixes Vol. 2

Best non hip-hop songs ever?

2 06 2008

From Into The Wild, a defenite watch

Some pleasant songs that aren’t beats. Aka not hip-hop. Not new shit, just good shit.

Pleasant Songs