Gemini aka Gemstones – The testimony of Gemstones (Mixtape)

23 06 2008

Gemstones – The Testimony of Gemstones


Lupe Fiasco Ft. Gemstones – Gangstas Groove (unreleased)

10 06 2008

Lupe Fiasco Ft. Gemstones – Gangstas Groove


Gemini ft. Lupe Fiasco – G4 (Unreleased)

10 06 2008

Another unreleased Lu and Gemini song. Hold tight for Gemini’s mixtape droping in about a week.

Gemini ft. Lupe Fiasco – G4 (Unreleased)

Gemini (Feat. Lupe Fiasco) – We On Video

8 06 2008

Couldn’t find the explicit version. But no big, pretty much no swearing anyways.

“We the 85 Bears, 92 Bulls, 05 Socks, With A Whole Lot Of Pull, All rolled up n theres no lettin up,
If your smart you’d wanna be the 07 us”

Gemini a.k.a. Gemstones

4 06 2008


Gemini aka Gemstones is the prodigy of Lupe Fiasco. Gemini appears in Lu’s The Cool and kills it. Oh. and he’s a great singer too. He provides the lyrics in Free Chilly the second song on the album and some others. Still not convinced of his skill? Listen to how he jumps on Rick Ross’ I’m Hustling.

Gemini – Everyday I’m Hustlin

Still not convinced?

Gemini – Nothing Like It

If you like what you hear, here is his mixtape:

Gemini – Untamed Beast